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"Embracing transformation sustainably"

B-BBEE Advisory Services

South Africa has embarked on an economic empowerment initiative to address the inequalities of the past by urging businesses to embrace Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). As embodied in the DTI Codes of Good Practice and a variety of industry sector charters, B-BBEE focuses on creating opportunities, empowering the country's historically disadvantaged and promoting their participation in the country's mainstream economy, creating a platform for sustainable economic development.

As the demand increases for businesses to transform, B-BBEE compliance has become a critical element of any South African business strategy. VACO adopts a simple and flexible approach that encourages inputs from a variety of stakeholders to ensure that all issues are considered and resolved. The process does not only focus on B-BBEE compliance, but also on leveraging empowerment as a competitive advantage.

Benefits of transforming your organisation:

  • The organisation receives recognition for embracing B-BBEE
  • Empowers the historically disadvantaged economically
  • Empowers and creates opportunities for staff
  • Creates value in the supply chain
  • Increases market competitiveness for sourcing new business

Our B-BBEE services include:

  • Implementation of B-BBEE
  • B-BBEE Training
  • Scorecard Optimisation
  • Preferential Procurement Collation Services
  • Verification Preparation Services
  • Development of Internal Management Reporting Systems and Processes
  • B-BBEE Ownership Analysis:
    • Modified Flow Through Principles
    • Mandated Investments
    • Sale of Assets
    • Consortium Composition