Investor Intelligence Specialists
"In-depth understanding of your investor base is key to the success of any listed company"

Investor Intelligence

Share Register Analysis is the foundation of any Investor Relations programme and assists with accurate statutory reporting. VACO's Investor Intelligence will help you understand:

  • Who owns (beneficial owners) and who controls (fund managers) your shares
  • Who is currently buying and selling your shares, and why?
  • How to prioritise and target potential investors

Our offering goes further by providing market intelligence on your stock, and includes information on the composition of portfolios, composition of the shareholder base, geographical composition and voting powers.

Benefits of Investor Intelligence:

  • Provides insight into the types of investors that are buying and selling your shares.
  • Provides timely information about the activity of your target audience.
  • Allows the company to contact investors that are selling or buying to determine the reasons for their decisions.
  • Helps you identify market makers, predator shareholders and potential hostile takeovers.
  • Helps you build and maintain a loyal shareholder base.
  • Helps you identify and attract potential investors.
  • Assists in formulating your Investor Relations strategy.

Our Investor Intelligence services include:

  • Global Shareholder Analysis
  • Peer Analysis & Investor Targeting
  • B-BBEE Ownership Analysis
  • Proxy/Voting Analysis
  • Annual Report Tables
  • Market Surveillance
  • Management IR Reports